Raised by a single mother with six children in the midwest, Spryte Loriano opened her first business at age 23. She became an award-winning book publisher within five years. Living penthouse-large in Southern California, her “destiny tap” brought her face to face with her ego, left her broke and landed in LA as a waitress. Her eyes and heart open, she began following her “purpose of service” and trained to become an Emotional Trauma and Personal Empowerment Therapist and led Spiritual and Sexual Recovery Workshops for Women for six years. She then became a leader in the direct sales industry, gaining financial freedom in a short time, and launched an internet fundraising campaign in 2006, called FEED333 which fed 1.2million children in the US. The following year she partnered with Feed the Children, Salvation Army and the NBA Players Assn to launch the three largest multi-city food distributions in US history. Spryte went on to co-founding a multi-million dollar direct sales company which brought together over 6000 social entrepreneurs and provided over $1.8 million in humanitarian aid in several countries. For nearly a decade, as an International Speaker and Transformational Leader, she’s been crafting a unique form of “Contribution-Travel” that over 1300 participants have experienced in ten countries, and that has uplifted tens of thousands of families and educators with clean water, education and empowerment. She was living in Liberia training post-war Teachers in success and leadership development, before and during the Ebola outbreak, and now resides in Ecuador, She co-founded The Waterbearers which is a movement inspiring Women around the globe who have access to clean water to get it to those who do not, which has provided clean water access not to over 600,000 people​​​​​​​