Sarah Sparks is an award winning Executive Coach, Speaker and Trainer who works with senior leaders in the Corporate World; particularly around stress and burn-out. .She’s known for getting results fast.Her clients include board members, Managing Directors and senior leaders from the top City institutions. She’s one of RBS, Citi Group and Bank of America Meryll Lynch’s top coaches . Prior to founding ‘Choose to Thrive’, Sarah’s career has been in finance and worked at a senior level at Goldman Sachs. Since suffering burn-out in her late 30’s she’s focused her career on helping others create the building blocks to prosper, grow and flourish at work and in life. She works in groups and one-to-one with senior leaders, Managing Directors and Board Members to inspire and get results, helping others manage their own stress and not pass it on to others. She sees herself as a ‘thought provocateur’, ensuring her clients manage their stress and stay away from distress. She contributes regularly to people features in the FT ignites, was featured in You! Magazine in December 2015​​​​​​​ and the Talking Project on BBC Radio 4. Recently Sarah was a guest speaker at large City institution talking about ‘Thriving at Work’, with an audience of over 1,000. 94% said that they would immediately implement what they learnt into their role. Sarah works with her corporate clients to get an understanding of their unique challenges so that she can incorporate the correct language and focus to bring maximum impact to her interventions.