Robin Bersson is a strategic business partner, and communications and operations specialist, working with individuals and businesses for over 30 years. She has built multi- million dollar organizations in diverse fields as a principal and as an integral business development consultant, and has been instrumental to the success of neurology practices, a holistic dental office, therapy practices, a company selling back support systems via brick- and mortar and on- line stores, a multi- million dollar real estate empire and a Jordanian NGO for children and their families who were disenfranchised due to the associated stigma of the diagnosis. Her methods of working with teams or individuals are innovative, integrative and helps clients define current challenges and their root causes, to co- create a living map of success. A dynamic collaboration model is created to assess and understand one’s development needs, challenge current constraints and explore, determine and expand your possibilities. Using guided reflection and introspection practices we create dynamic foundations for reaching goals, develop an arsenal of tools for sustaining success and craft systems that are fluid enough to support present needs and future growth. She believes that health is the moving toward and the fulfillment of having fun and consciously creating success. Her joy is to re-ignite one’s vision to triumph, and to help you to touch and be touched by your own personal greatness. Robin is part of the core production and management team of Legacy Life Productions, Inc producing AwakenngGiants™