RaShawn Renee is a woman on a mission to influence at least one hundred and eleven million people to act upon Self-honoring Choices and holds a vision for women to reveal their Real Truth and live in power. In her first book 44 Hours & 21 Minutes ~A Woman’s Truth and Power (to be released January 2018). She offers the reader an opportunity to choose and create a Life-of-Delight through self-education. At a point when RaShawn Renee could have chosen marriage, material extravagance, lived among the so-called elite and influential; she made the heroic choice to escape a relationship that was both heinous and victorious while inclusive of perpetuating silence. Heinous because of the things she endured and victorious because it ushered her into the pursuits of….Who am I? and How did I get here? After vigorous academic study, experiential learning, workshops, trainings and seminars RaShawn Renee has moved from a roller-coaster life of emotional inconsistencies, financial highs and lows, feelings of need and void of sustainable fulfillment to a life of emotional utopia, continuous financial highs, a state of inner-peacefulness, joy and fulfillment. She has created a Life-of-Delight and once RaShawn Renee revealed her truth and began living powerfully, she began facilitating others to do the same.