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Our Mission & Leadership

What is the mission of this project?
AwakeningGIANTStv is produced by Legacy Life Productions (LLP), whose mission is to combine the power of Personal and Business Transformation with Travel-Adventure, Global Contribution, and Mass Media Marketing to spot-light and promote Conscious and Social Entrepreneurs, because we believe this collective group has the power to positively transform our world.
Our purpose is to inspire and support conscious and social entrepreneurs to find their own “next edge” as leaders, to grow themselves in their vision to transform our world, and to inspire people around the world to get up off the couch, let go of fault-finding thinking, and take personal responsibility to become masters of their own destinies and create a world that works for all.

What is the experience of the Leadership Team?
Our core team is led by two transformational leaders with more than 30 years each in personal development, business management and development. You can learn more about the LLP core team HERE​​​​​​

Becoming a TV-Giant

How were each of the GIANTS chosen?
For season one, our Giants applied for consideration after they were referred through one of our team or thought-leaders. Those who met our preliminary qualifications went thru an interview process with Spryte Loriano, Executive Producer of AwakeningGiants™ Giants were chosen in part for their stories of overcoming adversity, the uniqueness of their positive message, or personal journey in leadership. As conscious leaders in their fields, they seek exposure to greater numbers of people in the world, are willing to find their own next edge through a transformational journey that is documented, and to show up authentically, raw and vulnerable in this unscripted series.

What are the tangible benefits the Giants receive as participating in this series?
In addition to the life-changing & unique travel adventure/experience, our participants have reported: increased sales in their business as a result of greater courage from facing their fears and through the quality connections & new partnerships that have formed; new speaking engagements received from being invited to speak on each other’s stages and referrals from within the community; inspiration to finish a book and self-publish it; and more. One Giant even set the intention to quit her full-time job within a year so she could pursue her business passion fully, and she was able to achieve that goal in three months!  More tangible results are happening, and you can see the Giants in action on our new free AGTV APP

Are there restrictions for being a TV-GIANT?
Some may be restricted due to medical reasons depending on the location shoot activities, however our philosophy is “challenge by choice,” so even though we’ve already had several Giants with physical limitations, each one of them was able to be supported thru high adventure or challenging activities at their own pace!​​​​​​​

Why is there an investment for Giants to participate?
There are several reasons for this. One, this allows us the full creative license to create the vision we have for the series. Just looking at media entertainment, one can see that it is critically lacking in positive messages. Often, positive media that has been produced is considered “too soft” for mainstream. We are excited to have a vision for a transformational series that could cross that barrier. And as conscious business leaders and media producers, we are not willing to compromise the integrity of our vision & story.

Two, the transformational journey and the media deliverables offered to each Giant are far below any typical expectation for a project of this kind! Most Giants agree that their investment is worth the experience, the community long-term engagement and media deliverables prior to a distribution deal, alone.

Three, sometimes the investment becomes part of the “next edge” for a leader, becoming an important part of growing themselves, where money is not an obstacle to creating anything they need to in the fulfillment of their dream and vision.​​​​​​​

If I’m interested in being a Giant and am chosen, are their payment options available?

Do Giants attend all location shoots?
Most Giants attend just one of the five locations. However, some Giants do invest in attending multiple locations and are accepted to be considered as a “Series” Regular.

How do I apply?
Here’s the link!

Our Community

Beyond the location shoots, do the Giants continue to get together?
Yes! Twice a month, Giants have the opportunity to gather for a virtual mastermind and wisdom share, where they learn from each other, share their challenges and successed, get business and personal support from each other, and more. Many of our Giants are flying about the world to attend each other’s events, increase their connection, expand their global reach, and deepen friendships!

How do I contact/communicate with the Giants?
You can LIKE our Facebook page HERE and comment or tag any of the Giants for a public dialogue! You can also access them through their websites by clicking into their individual PAGE on this site!

AND THE ABSOLUTE BEST WAY to follow and engage with our growing community of change-makers and leaders is to DOWNLOAD our new (free) APP.  Click the link to download on your computer, or search in the APP Store for Awakening Giants.

The TV Series

How are the locations selected:
Locations have been vetted by the series Producer, Spryte Loriano, usually involving long term business, personal and humanitarian partnerships where our contribution can be monitored for long-term sustainability

How will the series be distributed?
We have thus far shot three of our four locations for season one, and are in production of the trailers, media deliverables, a pilot and/or episodes for each location, and are in pre-production for the final location. We are currently in negotiations for distribution.

Where do you anticipate the series being aired?
In today’s fast-changing global marketplace of media distribution, we are developing our private streaming channel while we continue to build our media outreach and negotiate a mass media contract.  Our Producers have access to the best and most currently available outlets, experience to negotiate what will become the best home for AwakeningGIANTStv! Location filming will continue through 2018 with potential for initial pilot/series release by the end of 2018.

Is there a way to watch a sneak preview?
Giants from each location are all provided raw footage of them speaking on stage with a live audience during our location shoots, and a professionally edited sizzle reel highlighting them in the series. You can see these media deliverables on the Awakening Giants YouTube Channel.

How can I be notified where and when the series is available to watch?
You can OPT IN to this website to get newsletter updates! Connect Here