What happens when you combine an engineer’s mind with a patent attorney’s attention to detail combined with life-changing transformation? You get Danielle Morrow. After 4 years as a Software engineer writing code, she switched careers and became a Patent Attorney. Along the way, she became burnt-out and empty and had a breakdown. This life-changing moment woke her up to finding her authentic purpose and beginning a deep, personal journey into personal development. Danielle immersed herself in The Landmark Curriculum, Love Mastery, Feminine Power Coach Facilitation and Leadership Training and a host of other programs, all of which helped shape her new life. Now Danielle has designed her own expression, deciphering a CODE for living a life you love after having turned around debilitating anxiety and breakdown into a life of flow, joy and freedom. We’re thrilled to say AwakeningGiants marks her official debut of the “Living The Love CODE”.